TCTV-YouTube disruption update from Pastor Yemi

Last Updated: 30/04/2021 16:21:16

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I trust you have had a glorious week, and All is well with you. I am certain that you are keeping well and safe in these times. Peace to you and yours.  I have been intimated that in the last 3 weeks, the Church Online experience hasn’t been the best due to several interruptions in the connection during the service. First and foremost, we apologise for this severe disruption to your service experience and thank you for forbearing and being patient. Nothing will stop the gathering of God’s people to worship in Jesus Name. Amen

As a background update, the severe disruptions to our line was caused by BT, our Internet Service provider.  We upgraded our subscription to a top-end BT Fibre line (BTNET) about 3 years ago – this service is for organisations and so intended to be more robust and resilient and is not a domestic Internet line, so we shouldn’t have had the number of interruptions we have had in the last few weeks.

Over the last 3 weeks we have engaged with BT extensively and last week Friday, we eventually had an Engineer attend, who identified a cause for the outage and supposedly restored the service. It turns out that the root cause was not completely addressed resulting in a complete loss of service on Sunday and despite the best efforts of our team in TDC we couldn’t restore the connection.

This week we have been working with BT and have now hopefully finally identified the root cause as a faulty “Base Router” which was intermittently freezing up and crashing affecting the Internet supply in the building. This has now been replaced by BT with a brand-new router and we can confirm that the service has been fully restored. We fully expect Online streaming on Sunday to be seamless by God’s grace. With that said, I invite you to join us on Sunday for our Thanksgiving service in May, our Month of Breakthrough!

If you can and are not constrained in any way, I would be glad to see you in person, but for those who need to take precautions or are advised to remain shielding, then please look forward to an awesome time of worship Online. To join in person, please don’t forget to reserve your seat via the website. I look forward to worshipping alongside you on Sunday by His Grace.

Thank you for being a part of Trinity Chapel.

Yemi Odusolu

Lead Pastor